jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

Back from Paris!

Im so tired but finally im back home after my Parisian adventure!
Im really happy with my summer collection and I think that people felt the same as my about it. Now I need time for rest and them, let’s start working on the autumn/winter collection!
I have to upload all the pictures that I took with my camera, but I found on flick one of me staying on the booth!

sábado, 26 de junio de 2010

Preview collection pics

I had to take few pics for sending it to Paris, they asked me for it really late and I only had 24 hours for making/sending so I asked to my assistant for dressing up and modeling.
It was her first time in front of a camera and it was difficult for her but them she become more confident and did her best modeling!
Here are my two favorites!

Summer Ballerina series dresses

Circus night series skirt

Basic series shirt

sábado, 1 de mayo de 2010

Who is Mizzi?

Mizzi is a little cute princess cat who lives in a big castle in the middle of the forest... Maybe this part of the story sounds like a fairytale but, believe me, most of all it's true.

I had been sewing and crafting almost all my life...first I started with clothes and tried few different brand names but they never were with me...then was time for jewelry and nail art, sometimes, I had time for doll clothes but after my last trip to Japan I decided to do something new and I started doing kids clothes. I needed a new name to put together in the same place all what I created.

My inspiration comes from different places: lolita fashion, kawaii culture, my trips, my childhood.... I try to explain myself with my clothes and everything I make, so for me "Die Kleine Mizzi" is the meaning of it, a part of my life and my world, a character who makes me feel forever young and living in a fairytale, like the princess cat who lived in her castle in the middle of the forest.