sábado, 1 de mayo de 2010

Who is Mizzi?

Mizzi is a little cute princess cat who lives in a big castle in the middle of the forest... Maybe this part of the story sounds like a fairytale but, believe me, most of all it's true.

I had been sewing and crafting almost all my life...first I started with clothes and tried few different brand names but they never were with me...then was time for jewelry and nail art, sometimes, I had time for doll clothes but after my last trip to Japan I decided to do something new and I started doing kids clothes. I needed a new name to put together in the same place all what I created.

My inspiration comes from different places: lolita fashion, kawaii culture, my trips, my childhood.... I try to explain myself with my clothes and everything I make, so for me "Die Kleine Mizzi" is the meaning of it, a part of my life and my world, a character who makes me feel forever young and living in a fairytale, like the princess cat who lived in her castle in the middle of the forest.